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Whether you're an established or new school we've got something for you. We offer clients an array of services ranging from campus operations, accreditation, state approval/licensure, academics/distance education to student financial assistance programs (e.g. Title IV Federal Student Aid programs, state grants/scholarships, veterans' (VA) education benefits, other forms of financial aid to assist students in funding their postsecondary education).


Our services are designed to assist postsecondary institutions and training facilities - 

  • mitigate risks;

  • maintain compliance with federal, state and/or regulatory agencies; and

  • improve processes to maximize productivity and efficiency to support long-term sustainability and growth.


Operational Review & Risk Assessment

A Comprehensive Approach

Our comprehensive Operational Review & Risk Assessment help identify any areas of inefficiencies such as operational quality and effectiveness, missed opportunities, and/or deficiencies that may pose risks and noncompliance with various rules and regulations, applicable to the institution. This includes recommendations and cost-effective strategies for improvements in areas of inefficiencies and mitigate risks to ensure overall institutional compliance.

Clients may choose to have a full or focused review conducted. Our project management methodology helps schools implement changes effectively to streamline and standardize procedures to gain efficiency while ensuring compliance.


Business & Consulting Services

A Professional Approach

Our Business & Consulting Services include a broad range of services to help manage your institution’s day-to-day operations more efficiently.

  • General Consulting

  • Guidance on program offering, design, type, structure, and mode(s) of delivery (e.g. on-ground, online, hybrid) including clock-to-credit hour conversion requirements for accreditation and Title IV purposes

  • Consulting in all aspects of financial aid, VA education benefits (VA), VA-VR, DOD Tuition Assistance, TAA, WIOA, VR, BIA, and other sources of funding - 

    • Establishing (applying for), maintaining eligibility to participate in federal/state financial aid, and winding down (close-out) procedures

    • E-App (Electronic Application for Approval to Participate in the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs)

    • Establishing and maintaining eligibility to receive and administer VA education benefit programs including the VA enrollment certification process

  • Business Process Mapping - Flowcharts

  • Campus Operations and Process Improvements

  • Develop Policies & Procedures, Institutional Forms and Applications

  • Develop/Review School Catalog, Student Handbook, school website, and other areas to ensure accuracy of published content.

  • Training and Development

  • Business service assistance

    • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

    • System for Award Management (SAM)

    • Commercial and Government Entity Program (CAGE)

Contact us for other services not listed.

Working Together


Regulatory Resource: Expert Guidance

Need help on an as-needed or on-going basis regarding regulatory matters? Our consultants are compliance gurus and can provide expert guidance in areas to include but not limited to:

  • Preparing and responding to a financial aid audit or VA compliance survey (audit)

  • Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation

  • State Authorization

  • Federal Student Aid (Title IV, HEA programs)

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) education benefit programs and Military Tuition Assistance

  • Other Education Benefit Programs

    • Trade Readjustment Act

    • Workforce Investment Act

    • Vocational Rehabilitation

    • Internal and external scholarships or grants

Audit Review & Readiness

Chances will or have been through a Student Financial Aid Compliance Audit/Program Review, VA Compliance Survey, or other review. Are or were you prepared?  Our comprehensive approach to conducting an independent Compliance Audit & Review Readiness service will help you be better prepared.

Compliance Support

Schools face serious penalties, fines, and/or even loss of eligibility for failure to comply with accreditation standards, state authorization, or various regulations for schools participating in the federal financial aid programs or VA education benefit programs. 

Our consultants provide support and assist clients in preparing for or responding to:

  • U.S. Department of Education Program Review

  • Annual SFA Compliance Audit

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Compliance Survey

  • Close-out Audit

  • Other agency review

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